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G-vector Realty was founded by Mr Vivek Arora, an accomplished real estate professional with more than 20 years of extensive experience in Product, Sales, Supply Chain, Realty Consulting and leadership/management

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27, FF, MGF Megacity Mall, MG Road,
Gurgaon 122002 India
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Corporate Real Estate

To provide you solution that is both cost effective and in line with your business objectives.

Our Corporate Real Estate Services focus on aligning your real estate strategy that is both cost effective and in line with your business objectives.

We offer accountable, customised and innovative solutions that minimise your property spend while adding value to your business.

We’ll manage any property acquisitions, renewals or disposals, administer and report on your leases as well as monitor utilities on your behalf.

Our team of professionals specialise in understanding your unique needs as an extension of your organisation – be it procurement, design of the workplace to managing the property for the user.

Our integrated services include experienced property professionals for all your consultancy requirements, portfolio data management, portfolio estate management, transaction management (outsourcing or out-tasking of acquired as well as disposed (leased or freehold) property management together with lease renewals to ensure optimum terms for you), workplace strategy, facilities management and our knowledge of the real estate market. This allows your portfolio to work smarter while benefiting from consistent service delivery and reporting.

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